Weekly News #171

Mar 24, 2023

What is week? 7 days! What comes after 7 days? Weekly news.

Dynamic trade

We’ve been working on the game’s trade system, the goal is to adjust the price of items and gear according to their demand, ensuring that players get fair prices for their goods. Lost Region’s trade system sets a minimum price that cannot be crossed. This means that even if players try to reduce the price of an item, they won’t be able to go below its minimum. This ensures that players don’t get ripped off and that the market remains stable. However, the game’s trade system doesn’t only affect players. Factions and NPC trades also keep an eye on the market and adjust their stock prices accordingly. While players can’t reduce prices below the minimum, they can boost prices to sell their goods at higher prices. Of course, such actions will require money, and it’s up to the players to decide how to earn that money. Whether it’s through hunting, gathering, scavenging, raiding, crafting, or trading, we offer ways for players to make money and thrive in the world of Lost Region. With this dynamic trade system and emphasis on fair prices, we want to change the way players approach in-game economics.
The trading system will be crucial for LR, we want to ensure that it can be automatic and give players the means to control it. We are aware that such a system can bring a creation of trade coalition where players would negotiate high and low prices, our next step is to create a tool to counter this trade coalition, one of the things to counter already exists, players are not forced to buy anything, they can loot the goods, scavenge or craft, the other way is to create Your own trade coalition, but this would require a lot of efforts. We will share another way to counter the trade coalition in further updates.

Ammo and ways to kill

Players will be able to inflict various ammo upgrades such as poison ammo, piercing ammo, shrapnel ammo, and many more. These ammo upgrades will allow players to choose the right type of ammo for different situations, making their gameplay even more exciting. Poison ammo is great for slowing down enemies and causing them to vomit while running from you. Although this type of ammo deals less impact damage, it can be incredibly useful when trying to get away from enemies or trying to slow them down to take them out more easily. Piercing ammo, on the other hand, is great for taking out armored enemies, making it a valuable tool for players in certain situations. However, it’s not as effective against light armor enemies, so players will need to be strategic about when to use it. Shrapnel ammo is the most powerful of the ammo upgrades, dealing much more damage than regular ammo. However, it’s completely useless against heavy armor enemies, making it a risky choice in certain situations. The developers are still working on balancing the ammo types, ensuring that players can’t simply rely on one type of ammo to dominate the game. New types of ammo can be crafted, found, and bought, providing players with plenty of opportunities to experiment and find the right ammo for their gameplay style.

As always, have a great weekend! Cya next week!