Weekly News #170

Mar 17, 2023

How is it going, folks? Weekly news blog is starting!

Map control

Map control players can help major factions control key locations on the map, such as the dam, which provides energy to the faction that controls it. However, even if the opposing faction controls the dam, players can still generate energy using power generators, so that is a boost, tasty and useful.
To gain control of these key locations, players must align themselves with a faction and help them dominate the area. The faction that controls a key location gains a significant advantage, enabling them to expand its influence and resources. There will be several key areas on the map, each providing different advantages, but for factions, the more areas they control, the less free manpower they have. Therefore, it is quite difficult to control all of them. Conflict zones will be decided by factions, and players will be able to see the control zones on the map. This will bring everlasting dynamics to map control.

PMC mercenaries

PMC mercenaries are soldiers that a PMC allows other players to hire in order to complete quests and participate in conflicts. Players can contribute their soldiers to a PMC’s pool of mercenaries, which can be used by other players (if their membership allows it) for various activities, including scavenging, raiding, and more. The ultimate goal of the PMC is to construct a battle-ready pool of mercenaries that can stand against other PMCs and go on raids. Using PMC mercenaries is a great way for players to earn loot and money in the game. When a player hires a PMC member’s soldier, they will receive a percentage of the rewards earned from completing the mission. This includes any loot found during the mission, as well as a percentage of the money earned. Also, it would be a great way to help your friends soldiers stay updated in terms of level. Note that gear must be provided by the player that takes the merc for the mission, not by the owner of this soldier.
There will be several bonuses to boost this feature. For example, those mercs that other players are hiring will get more experience, so this is one of the ways to help your friend to level up. The player will be able to return his merc at any time unless he is in an ongoing raid or PMC war. So once you are filled that You want to play this merc by yourself, You can tell him to return to Your base. We are also working on a global pool of mercenaries, not just inside the clan. We will share more details in further news blogs.

That is all for today. Will cya guys next week! Cheers! 😉