Weekly News #167

Feb 24, 2023

Week is off, news are ON!

Lone wolf

New perk for solo players called “Lone Wolf.” This perk is designed to give players who prefer to play alone some added advantages in the game, but with some notable downsides as well. With the Lone Wolf perk, players will receive several bonuses while playing solo, including increased running speed, improved damage resistance, increased damage output against NPCs, and a higher carrying capacity for loot. These bonuses will give solo players a significant edge in survival situations, allowing them to explore the game world and complete objectives with greater ease. However, players should be aware that the Lone Wolf perk also comes with some significant penalties when playing in a group. For instance, Lone Wolf characters will stay in the knocked-out state for a much shorter period, meaning teammates will have less time to help the Lone Wolf recover. Additionally, Lone Wolf characters will deal more damage to their teammates, making cooperation and teamwork more difficult. Finally, players with the Lone Wolf perk will need to eat and drink much more than their teammates, making it more challenging to sustain a group. Overall, the Lone Wolf perk is a great addition to Lost Region, offering solo players some much-needed advantages in the game while also providing an added layer of challenge and complexity for those who prefer to play in groups.
We are planning to make several origins that will change the way players are playing. Of course it will only stick with this particular character, so while Your friends or clanmates are offline, You will be able to compensate the disadvantage of being alone in current time. Also lone wolf perk can be replaced with other perk, if the conditions are met.


Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that causes individuals to fear being in open or public spaces, which can be a significant disadvantage in a game that requires players to explore a vast and dangerous world. As a result, players with this condition will face some significant challenges when playing Lost Region. One of the primary disadvantages of Agoraphobia is that it increases the stamina cost for any activity, making it more difficult to perform tasks like running, jumping, and even just walking around. Additionally, players with this condition will find that their running and sprinting speed is slightly slower than other characters, making it harder to escape dangerous situations or catch up with other players.
However, Agoraphobia also adds a unique advantage that can be a game-changer for players who learn to use it effectively. Characters with Agoraphobia generate more adrenaline than other characters, which means they can quickly boost their fighting abilities in combat situations. This adrenaline rush can help Agoraphobic characters turn the tide of a battle, even when facing overwhelming odds.

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