Weekly News #166

Feb 17, 2023

Weekly Online.

Weapon damage

We are working to implement the new system. If You watched previous weekly news, You know that we were working on clothes damage resistance. Additionally, it made us rework the damage of the guns, not just in terms of numbers, but in terms of where you are shooting. No one can be surprised by a headshot, but there is not only a head on the human body. When you shoot legs, you can slow down the enemies, shooting arms will make it difficult to shoot back. So the upgraded system will track where you are shooting and bring new debuffs for Your enemy.
The headshot is still a decent way to get rid of the enemy, but in Lost Region, killing isn’t always the best way to finish your fight. First of all, You will damage the gear, enemies, and yours, second, there will be more ways to get rid of the enemy and keep its juicy gear intact.

Explosion V2

You may notice the cliffhanger we put on a while ago about the chaos system. The chaos system is used to rip buildings to shreds if you implement enough power. Of course, You will not be able to rip a building to shreds using a pistol, You will need explosions or something that has more firepower than an ordinary pistol. This system will bring a new way to push the enemy with brute force. Tearing apart enemies’ defenses or just using this system to find a shorter way out of the building or sealed area. Players will find a way how to use it, some probably will want to destroy everything they are going through. Be worn, it is not cheap. 😉
This system will keep us working sometimes because we need to make it fun and useful and balanced, so exploding some buildings will be much more difficult than exploding others.

Weekly offline! Cya, next time!