Weekly News #165

Feb 10, 2023

Weekly news is ON!

New hobbies for character origin

When you worked for 10 years as a barista, you can make coffee automatically without thinking about it, perhaps even a good one. The same rule will apply to the origin story of your mercs. For instance, the doctor will be much better at healing himself and his allies, unlike the guy who is afraid of needles. However, you could get a unique situation where you are a doctor who is afraid of needles. Yet again origin story is different from fears and pre-made perks. Most of the negative perks you will be able to get rid of, the origin story stays with you until the end.
Some of the origin stories will be better for open fields, some stories will be better for scavenging. Despite that, every character can be anyone, but some are better at certain things.


In previous updates, you may be seen that we’ve added some small car interactions, such as blowing the wheels and looting them. Right now, we are working on a huge car system. Cars are complex machines, and we want to be balanced here. Not to make it a car mechanic simulator on Unreal Engine 5 but to make an interesting system that will be intuitive. The car will boost your looting opportunity but will require some investments, not talking about the fuel you still need for your base generators. Driving on roads will be a certain fast travel, but be worry, roads are perfect for ambushes, the road is one of the options, but it will cost Your car durability. Destroying a car completely is possible, but everything can be repaired. So it will definitely be a good addition as an activity.
Note that cars aren’t something that you can just find around, Your first car will be constructed by you from scratch or bought from other players. And just to spice things up, some characters will be better with car driving and car repairing, so You might find some useful friends.

It was a great week, and another week is waiting for us. Cya guys, next week!