Weekly New #164

Feb 3, 2023

What is week? The week is a 7-day substance that gives us 1 weekly news!

The walls are my enemy

The new edition is for our vast system of character origin. We were implementing positive traits previously, but as you know, people aren’t ideal creatures. Everyone has something negative. We’ve started with a slight negative trait, claustrophobia. Some people don’t feel comfortable when they are inside buildings, especially if those buildings are pretty small. For characters with this trait, it would be challenging to take a fight or hide inside the building. The character will be breathing quite a load, and the actions inside the building will be sloppy. However, it doesn’t mean that this character is useless. He will still be able to shoot or loot, but with certain disadvantages compared to other characters.
We will focus on negative traits in the upcoming weeks of development. Some traits can be healed, some will be permanent. The same rule will be true for positive traits. This whole system will help create unique characters and boost the role-play element of the game.

In/out update

When you are sitting inside a dark room and go out outside, the effect is blinding. This minor update has a huge impact on emersion. Now running out will have a short brightening effect, it will not affect the character stats the effect is strictly visual. The next step is to implement the opposite effect when you go inside a dark place after the bright outside. This feature has several purposes.

  1. Realism in terms of gameplay.
  2. To slow down the rush between changing the locations.
  3. Sunglasses 😉

Another weekly report is done. Thank You for your time, and cya guys, next week! 😉