Weekly News #163

Jan 27, 2023

We want weekly news! Or simply WWWN!

Shooting update

And back to shooting. Since we’ve upgraded the cloth resistance, we needed to upgrade shooting as well. The upgrade is simple yet effective. Now depending on which position you’ve are in, the shooting will be more convenient or less. For example, shooting while running will not bring you many results, The weapon has its weight, so the accuracy will be not very high. But, if you are sitting or even crawling, the result will be less recoil and less spread, depending on how you prefer to shoot. Of course, can also help yourself using weapon modification. For example, a bipod will be handy if you prefer ambushes and reduces recoil drastically. Overall it is a small part of a large system, and we continue to improve it.
We are also working to bring melee experience to the LR. And while the statement is true, don’t bring a sword to the gunfight, it might help you in CQC, also known as close-quarters combat.


If we’re watching our previous updates, you may notice that there are a lot of explosions going on. And we want to bring the explosion experience to a new level, starting with the burning aftermath. Fire will not only deal additional damage but also bring injuries that may affect your further scavenge operation. Burned skin is very painful, and without painkillers, it would be hard to stay focused, however running through fire will not cause that much harm, if you are swift, You will be alright. Also, this update upgrades the so-called Bandera smoothie. Now you don’t want to ignore your burning clothes.
Fire is not the only thing that we are working on, poisons, smokes, and many more are waiting for their turn to be developed. We will share our progress in further updates.

That’s it for today! Looking forward to sharing more details next week! 😉