Weekly News #162

Jan 20, 2023

What day is it? Oh Friday, that means weekly!

Damage system upgrade

We’ve been upgrading our damage system, the point is that we need to implement damage resistance for our clothes. Of course, a simple T-shirt will not stop a bullet but will reduce the damage from a bite or knife. Of course, the main point of such a system is the resist capability of armor chests and helmets. We’ve already implemented different damage for different body parts. And with cloth resistance to damage, the system will be whole. After this update, we will need to add some new items such as the helmet and body armor itself.
Gear will be a big part of the game, and we want to make gear more usable and interesting. Our next step is upgrading the weapons, with new stats and making them work with the new perk system.

Project upgrades

Of course, we are always working to optimize and upgrade the LR, right now our team is working on transition to a new input system of UE 5.1, it will help us to make the gameplay in terms of control even better. Also, we are working on the visual upgrades, since there are now a lot of explosions, we need new and unique particles for it. And, of course, we are fixing the new coming bugs. UE is always upgrading and we need to stay in line with upgrades.

And another week of development was finished! As always have a great weekend!