Weekly News #161

Jan 13, 2023

Another W another WN, You know the drill.

Test build

We are currently preparing a test build for dev tests. After this dev test, we will be able to fix replication issues if there will be such, and polish some numbers for a better user experience. Of course, we will also use this test to optimize the game to ensure a stable FPC rate. It will take some time to finish the polishing because the game obtained a lot of new mechanics. We may launch a small public test, we will notify You once such a test will take place. We want to make sure that all is working as intended before a big launch.
We also do need to test the game on different computers to ensure that a maximum number of players are able to play the game with minimum quality sacrifice. Also ensuring that game will be optimized for other platforms.

Fake death

We are also adding a new gameplay mechanic, that’s right faking your death! While you are not invincible and faking death doesn’t mean you are immortal, it will allow players to stay alive after defeat. Basically faking death will allow other players to loot the faker, so for all other players faker is dead, and teammates will still be able to help the same as they do with a regular knocked-out state. Yes! You may lose your gear and loot and all the expensive weapon modifications. But at least your character is alive, as does his experience and skills.
If you read previous weeklies you may notice that we’ve added a lot of ways to survive, since character became a more complex component we’ve raised character cost in terms of gameplay component. We are also working on a more advanced way to improve your character.

That is all for this week. We will continue to share our progress and as always publish it next week!