Weekly News #160

Jan 6, 2023

New 2023 year is ON new round of weeklies is here!

Quick commands for squad mates

Squad is very important. We’ve already told you about how squad mates will be able to share their loot between each other, and even though Vo-Ip is standard tool that is used everywhere, squad also need tools for quick commands. We are adding command wheel with most common commands. Starting with clear command and finishing with Need ammo command. It will allow safe time to tell crucial information. To be more convenient it will also be added with symbols that will show upon the head of squad mate, so if someone needs ammo, you will see who and where needs that particular ammo.
It is a first step for quick commands, since there will be clan raids that will need even more coordination. The goal is to give information as quickly as it possible and this information must be understandable and can’t be interpreted the wrong way. We will also work on custom quick commands, even though the standard ones are made to be the common way to cooperate, some squads or PMCs may want something more custom.

More and more explosions

Since we’ve added grenades we’ve been working on the overall dynamic of the battle. Right now we are working on adding new ways to explode stuff and people. Barrels are pretty standard things for that purpose, right now we are adding fire extinguishers that will deal damage, but they are more of the tactical tools, if don’t have smoke grenades fire extinguishers will be a useful tool. How to use it will be considered by player. We are planning to add various different things to explode to make battle more chaotic and more tactical as well.
We will also work on less dangerous but still effective ways to use explosions, such as truck wheels, that explosion is pretty much a stun grenade, very loud and could be lethal, however being able to use it right will need some skill. because simply shooting the wheel will not work.

New Year, new challenges awaits! Hope you’ve all had a great holidays and have even greeter ahead.