Weekly News #159

Dec 23, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to the new weekly!

Track your target

You may remember that we’ve added a blood decal. And while on snow it’s pretty visible where your prey is going, footprints do the work also. But in the forest and sand, it is much harder to find the guy or animal that you were hunting or trying to kill. We’ve already added the highlight feature of items that you can loot, and we’ve added a feature to highlight footprints and blood trails. It might help you to find your target if it ran away from you. The rule for this feature stays the same you will use your stamina and you will not be able to run while you are in highlight mode. Overall while you trying to figure out where the trail is going the victim will run further away, so quick thinking is key.
We are planning to make this feature more of the character skill so that trackers will be to move faster and track longer. Overall the mechanic will allow players to hunt more effectively, of course, they will still need to shoot their target, but now you will not lose the target, doesn’t matter if it is a human being or an animal.

Transfer to Unreal Engine 5.1

Yet again unreal engine gave us a new update that gives us more tools to work with. That is counting optimization, and stability of work. Unfortunately during this period, we will not be able to bring new features, but after this and New Year we will continue to improve Lost Region. We are planning to complete the transfer before New Year, if there will be no unexpected troubles the work will go even faster.

Have a great weekend folks, and will cya next week!