Weekly News #158

Dec 15, 2022

What is going on? Weekly on Thursday? Yep, it is!


Explosions are dangerous as a fact, but you may find them useful. We’ve been working on explosions in terms of how they inflict the human body. The concoction is one of the effects we’ve added, it would be very difficult to run, aim, shoot and see when you are under the concoction effect. Wounds and shrapnel are very dangerous and deadly. We’ve already added various wounds as effects that cause debuffs, in terms of shrapnel we’ve decided to make it more straightforward. If you have a shrapnel wound effect, your max HP will be decreased, it is not hard to get rid of the effect, but You’ll need to invest some time in it. We continue to work in this direction, to make all effects and ways to kill more unique.
What are we planning next? To give players an opportunity to mix effects, such as poison smoke grenades, flashbang with frag grenades, etc. And of course, take some time to balance things out, more features mean there will be more things to balance and we want to make it right. We will announce closed beta tests for our players, to try new things and collect feedback.

Screen, Camera, Shoot

Security is another thing that you might think about during post-apocalyptic events. While for players bases it is more of a decorative tool, on the global map it would be a major advantage if you found security camera terminals. You will be able to see what is to come and alert your friends of upcoming danger. The other side of the medal is that everyone else, including NPCs, will also use those cameras. So you have a choice of getting rid of the, using them, or ignoring them (which we do not recommend). Overall we are implementing more and more tools for players to use. Cameras are one of the things that can be both advantages and disadvantages.
Basically looting the particular area would consist of:

  1. Reconnaissance – use intel, eyes, and ears to get to know the locations you are about to loot.
  2. Disabling/Removing obstacles – such as closed doors, and cameras that may be watched by someone.
  3. Clear out the area – if there are players or NPCs, with both of them you may have an agreement, but why talk when you can shoot right?
  4. Find the loot – they point out why we are all here.
  5. Retreat and stay alive – return to the base to actually collect the loot.
    We will share more details about each stage in upcoming updates.

That is all for this week. And as always, see You all next week. Cheers! 😉