Weekly News #157

Dec 11, 2022

Weekly news everyone!


We are currently working on a trading feature, it would be both direct exchange and global trading. Direct exchange would be a very simple but effective tool to exchange something on the field. Although, we do recommend doing it near some safe zone because there are no guarantees that there will be no gunfire after a successful exchange. Why pay if you can just take it right? As for the global trade system, it would be regulated You will be able to place anything You have in any amount on sale or find anything you want to buy. Any items will have a stock price, but most of the items can only be found. As a result, many players might have a lot of resources to spare, and you will be able to earn money by supplying other players. Other, more cunning players may use this tool to buy cheap and then sell it with profit.
In any online game, it is crucial to add all kinds of player interaction, we already working on PMCs also known as clans, and now global trading. We will continue to boost these interactions and make them influence the world around the players. We will also add an opportunity for players to shape the world around them, more information will come later.

Grenade update

In previous weeklies, we’ve mentioned the grenades work in progress. Right now we have Frag grenades with decent damage, flashbang, and smoke grenades to grant tactical advantage. Additionally, we’ve added a classic Molotov cocktail, or as we call it Bandera smoothie. This grenade is both deadly and tactical, You will be able to create a zone that would be very painful to go through and set on fire an enemy that is undercover. Also, we are working on mixing the grenades with other tools, for example, smoke grenades. Smoke is very unpleasant by itself, what if smoke was poisoned… That is a cliffhanger.
The mixing would inflict not only grenades, ammo, and traps, and many more. We want to add more ways to kill Your enemies, both effective and fun. Player ingenuity would be the key, traps with various effects, grenades, and bullets all would be at players disposal.

That is all for this week, as always have a great weekend, and will see You all next week!