Weekly News #156

Dec 2, 2022

Weekly reports is here!

Private Military Company (Clan)

As any online game, we need to give players the opportunity to cooperate. PMC is a private military company, it will have lots of usage in-game. Such as building PMC squads, you will be able to create squads inside the PMC and anyone from the PMC will be able to join it. PMC inventory, here you can donate the items to PMC and distribute it between members, it will allow you to boost newcomers and take something rare that you might need. PMC loot planner, owner, and members who have such rights will be able to use PMC loot planner, it will be displayed as a checklist on members screens (if they are willing to see it) and help the clan to collect those items. Taxes are a tool that will take some percentage of the income of every member (editable by the owner) to collect money in PMC bank. PMC raids, these raids are made for PMC, and they are PVE based, here you can raid special zones to collect items guns, and materials that are needed to upgrade the PMC.
PMC will provide many activities including its own personal space for customization and fun time for players with many mini-games and other activities. You may use this place just to chill out with friends and play. The PMC can be created by one player and be with only one player, so You will be able to upgrade it on your own, it will take a lot of time but you will still be able to get access to PMC content.


Traps are a tool you can use to hunt animals and people. We are working to implement a new trap system, that can be hidden. For example tripe wire, a very dangerous trap that needs only rope, and a grenade can be placed wherever you want, but it is most effective in dark places of buildings. Trap wire will be able to use any grenade that you have, smoke, frag, or flashbang to achieve different results. How to use those traps is up to the player, there will be no limits of usage so you can use smoke tripe wire and place bear trap as a combination. We will continue to expand trap usage.
We are planning to make traps more variable, bear traps with various poisons that will affect the HP, stamina, speed, accuracy, and many more. While the simple traps will work as well, we want to encourage players to experiment.

Another week of development has been completed. As always thank you for your time and will see You guys next week!