Weekly News #155

Nov 27, 2022

One week, one weekly!

Grenades are coming

We have started to work on grenades. Of course, not only frag grenades, but flashbangs also smoke grenades as well. Due to the end of the world, grenades are no longer in production, so they will be hard to find and very expensive to buy. Yet once you obtain them, they will give you a tactical advantage. Of course, it doesn’t mean that only chosen players would get grenades, you will be able to craft them by yourself as well, they are not as good as grenades manufactured by military factories, but they get the job done. Note, that explosives may damage the area you are standing in, you may use them to your advantage, or trap yourself…
Yet another feature that will lead us to the cliffhanger about chaos. Once we are done with the destruction we can implement the chaos system, which would allow us actually to destroy buildings, glass, walls, etc. We need to test it first, and perhaps make some adjustments. We will continue to keep you posted.

Recoil rework

We are starting to work on recoil. Implementing new recoil patterns starting with AR (Assault Rifle). The goal is to make it more constant so that players will be able to learn how recoil works on different guns. First, we need to rework recoil patterns for all guns, then we need to make recoil changeable through weapon modification. Once we are done players would be able to find a gun they like and modify it. The recoil would change accordingly to gun modification.
Next, we will be focused on weapon modifications and rework of current scopes on the riffle. Make modifications more unique and add new modifications, such as grenade launchers, laser pointers, and many more.

It was a hard week, stay safe, and we we will see You next week!