Weekly News #154

Nov 18, 2022

One week, one weekly!

Decal upgrade

Since our players are major game changers in the LR world, we’ve added a feature for players to place their signs on walls and floors. One of the usage is to show other players that this place was already looted, and the other is to basically say “stay out”. The usage is decided by the player, it could be a warning sign or a bite. For now, we will stick to the decals that we provided. This is a small step to let players change their surroundings, in the future, you will see how players can influence the LR area and decide how the world will change. Note that you will not be able to paint the whole map with your decals.
That is only one small part of player and environment interaction, much more will come. Basically, we want players to decide will there be electricity in LR, will there be cars, and which faction is controlling all major resources. The factions will be the major part of the game, and it is up to the players choice which faction be more successful.

Physics upgrade

We wanted to create a more livable world, and what is the best way to create a living world than make death more realistic? We are currently working on game physics so that when you kill someone he will fall realistically. When you shoot a window it will go to shreds, when you accidentally or by purpose shoot the can it will fly off. Throwing the grenade in a building with a lot of small stuff will cause chaos and it would be much easier to root the foe out of the building. Keep in mind the word chaos, it will be one of the upcoming updates.
It is a complex task because not only small objects and character corpses will respond to physics the item you carry and the environment will also respond as well. We need to test some aspects to avoid certain physics glitches. Once we are done we can proceed to chaos, which is sort of cliffhanger. 🙂

The game has changed a lot, and there are much more changes ahead. Stay tuned and don’t miss the next weekly round. Cya guys next week!