Weekly News #153

Nov 12, 2022

Weekly news round starting!

AI Upgrade

This week we’ve started to work on AI. There are several things that need to be upgraded before we can proceed with factions and bandits AI. Right now we are working on aggressive animals, such as wolves and bears. They will be more alive in terms of response to danger, as a result, you will be able to get rid of them without the need to kill them. If you want that meat you will still be able to hunt those pesky wolves, but injuring the would be enough to scare them away. That applies to small packs, big packs are more aggressive, but you may use it to your advantage since they don’t really care whom to eat.
Our plan is, first to upgrade the AI of aggressive animals, then we will upgrade neutral animals AI so that the world’s ecosystem would work properly. After we are done with animals we will start to upgrade human NPC AI, including faction NPCs, bandit NPCs, and neutral NPCs. Once it is done we will revisit all AIs to tweak and fix to balance things out.

More red colors

We’ve added blood, simple upgrade makes all the difference. Now if you find a dead body there will be a blood pile underneath the corps. Also if you injured someone he will leave a blood trail, so using bandages is very important for those who are being chased. This blood rail will help players to hunt as well, not always you can shoot that deer with one precise headshot, and since deers are fast they can run pretty far from the shooter in a matter of seconds, now you have higher chances to find your prey. So as a result it is not just visual addition but also a gameplay addition to the game.
We are going to add more visual details with a gameplay focus, such as rust dirt, and many more. Our goal here is to first, give the player information about the environment, and tell him where are his enemies and what was going on here a few minutes ago. And second, it simply makes things prettier.

It was wonderful having You today. Have a great weekend and as always. Cya next week!