Weekly News #152

Nov 4, 2022

W.E.E.K.L.Y. news everyone! 🙂

Get set, aim, shoot!

We are working on a very small, but needed feature. The best way to train your accuracy is actually to shoot the targets, however, it will be forging in the fire. So we are adding a shooting dummy, but not just mesh which would be too little for any feature highlight. It will help you to get better at shooting because it will show you where are you landing those shots, and you will be able to trace the recoil pattern and master its control, it will also show you how deadly your shots are, so you will learn where to shoot to quickly or painfully get rid of someone annoying.
In the future, we will add more setup to these shooting ranges, so that players can actually train themselves to face different scenarios. And of course, the competition aspect, those who survived the raid can prove to each other who is the best sharpshooter without killing each other, not that funny but much safer. And don’t worry you can’t break the shooting dummy. The shooting range itself will be part of the player’s base, and players Hub, but ammo isn’t infinite, so don’t shoot all at once. Also, you can send your merc to train there, to improve their shooting potential.

Small loot upgrade

You all remember that we indeed do have cars on the map. And while I am strictly forbidden to talk about cars as vehicles (wink wink), I can talk about cars as loot chests. Previously cars were a decorative part of the game, now it would be more valuable as you can actually loot cars. And unlike most loot storages, the car has several spots to loot. In the future we are also planning to add a disassembly feature, some mechanical parts and electric parts may be in handy.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend, and cya guys next week!