Weekly News #151

Oct 29, 2022

Weekly reporter, with weekly news!

Squad update

As you may remember there is a squad feature, allowing you to track your mates more accurately. With the new game system, characters now do actually mean more, because of the skill system and origin story of each character. And what is the most important part of each character? It is loot, with the upgraded and memorable map we are implementing spectating mode to the squad, so if you are dead you can navigate your mate to your body, which can be a trap, but it is up to You. Also, squads will receive an inner voice speak feature. Overall we are working to make the game in co-op mode more pleasant.
We also didn’t forget about the more complex player unions, such as clans. The work is ongoing, and it would be a huge part of the game. Only society forms a perfect union.

Level status

We are finishing the huge level, after which we will perform some tests. The level itself will be a huge addition to potential loot, point of interest, lore expanding, and many more great cons. The overall level brings over 50 new meshes of different types and different roles, additionally some interactable items, it fills the world map, which is reshaping as well. So right now, finish the level, test all things up, fix all things up, test again, and continue. That is our potential working routine for the next couple of months.
Additionally, we are working on some weather effects and more immersion things. So there will be always some dynamic activity on the screen. It can be a leaf blown by the wind or a door that keeps opening and closing continuously. Some are more dynamic, and some are less.

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