Weekly News #150

Oct 22, 2022

We will we will weekly. Yep, another weekly news!


It is very dangerous in an abandoned city, especially when there is no order control at all, most likely most of the people you will meet become your enemy eventually. Sudden hit in the back, an unexpected faction raid. All of these scary things that will happen to you eventually bring us to new features adrenaline, something that will be generated from your activities, especially dangerous activities. We’ve considered that if you are in a deadly dangerous situation we need to give players they can use to make the last attempt, to run away or fight back. Adrenaline itself will provide buffs to the players, and allow them to use some abilities, another resource to manage and another way to survive.
We are aiming to give players more control over the mercenaries and the way they react to danger, in real life you do not control the adrenaline engagement, in-game you would be able to control it because the only player could say what he is afraid of. We are also planning to increase character variety through their backstory giving small details of who this particular mercenary is.

A little fun, just a sip

We all know that in despair we can be attended to a bottle of bearโ€ฆ Our thoughts were the same, of course, we don’t encourage you to drink, and do not do so if you are not 21 (depending on the country’s laws). We’ve implemented a common game mechanic that will allow you to get drunk. To obtain you will need to find alcohol or make it yourself. There will be several stages of the drunk effect, and on each stage, some activities will be harder to do (for example shooting) and some will be easier (for example fist battle), so basically it is a way to shape your merc to certain situations and just for fun. ๐Ÿ™‚
As you might be noticed we are increasing the fun content with mini-games and such immersion features as a friendly party. LR is becoming more versatile and will be able to give something to do for more players. That is what we aiming for in this matter.

That’s all for this week, take care guys! ๐Ÿ˜‰