Weekly News #149

Oct 14, 2022

Howdy folks welcome to weekly news!

Map reshape

There will be some major changes to the map. We want to make the map more settled, so it can hold some parts of town on it. There will be fewer mountains, more interest points, and more nature beauty. These changes needed not only to expand points of interest and place new levels but also to replace old levels. The old dam, prison, and airfield are moving to the new location to suit their purposes. Some old levels will be remade completely, since we are adding more new technologies we need to make sure that all locations and levels suit their time frame and will not be too behind the time or too ahead of time.
Our main goal is to make exploring more interesting, and give more places to visit, learning what loot can you find in different locations. It will be also a way to give popularity to locations depending on players progression, so basically, players who are far ahead in terms of progression will loot locations that are more advanced in loot quality and they will be less interested in locations with early game loot.

Positive effects

If you read our previous news you may notice that most of the effects are making the game harder, we are here to calm you down, and there will be positive effects that can come in handy in your time of need. For example have you ever run from wolves? Hope not, but sometimes our characters need to run from something dangerous, and stamina could go pretty low during this event. You know that runners tell us that they have a “Second wind” effect during the long run? So in the time of need, your character can obtain a “Second wind” effect to restore his stamina and run further.
Moreover, we are working to make these positive effects appear depending on the character’s history. For instance, if your character’s hobby was running then he most likely knows better how to activate such effect as “Second wind”. Thieves are better at lock-picking, a police officer is better with pistols, and so on. You will still be able to make anything of character, but some stuff would be easier for him to learn.

That’s all for this week. Cya guys next week! 😉