Weekly News #148

Oct 7, 2022

Weekly news everybody!

Additional effects

Remember we were talking about diseases and the effects that will come with the ability system? Also, we’ve shared information about the temperature features. Combine those two and you have an additional thing that will try to kill you! Great news! Now you should plan carefully what to wear if it is cold outside you might get cold. Of course, a simple cold will not be able to kill you, but your stealth activity would be much harder to perform. An accident sneeze could easily tell your foes where are you right now. But don’t underestimate the cold, it could lead to much worse diseases…
The system we are working on would be very complex, but it would not be hard to understand. Basically, all you need to do is to keep your merc. in good shape and don’t drink from sewerage. Take warm clothes if the weather is cold and don’t wear a wool sweater if it is 40 degree Celsius outside. Sounds easy, but is something you need to keep in mind. We will continue to expand the features, and not all of them will make your life harder, some of them would ease your LR experience.

One-way trip?

We are implementing something new, unfortunately, I can’t share all the details, but I can put it this way… Prepare for raiding operation carefully, but don’t waste all of your best gear if you are uncertain where are you going. You don’t want to take your best gun with the best armor, take all the best medicine with the most efficient food supply and leave it all out there because You were too self-confident. It would be a shame to waste all that time to make something decent from Your mercenary and lose him. Don’t worry though, LIA (Lost in action) is not KIA (killed in action) there is always a chance that he (mercenary) survived.
To be clear, there will not be a situation when you left without any character to play. We are working to make this system suitable for all, and the fear of losing your character will bring much more diplomacy in terms of PVP. At least it will be better to travel in a group, to help each other in need. That is a cliffhanger for the next weekly round, it would be regarding raiding, planning, and sharing.

A little bit of mystery weekly this time, hope it warmed up some interest. And as always, cya guys next week! 🙂