Weekly News #147

Sep 30, 2022

Another week another weekly!


As you know we have Cobra and Sentinel Alliance as major factions in the game. We are reworking their behavior, and moreover, we are implementing map control of factions. Different locations will benefit the factions in another way, so choose your allegiance carefully. Note that the player isn’t part of a faction, you can become close friends or just be gun for hire without taking sides, however, in order to obtain bonuses you will need to level up your faction reputation.
We are not planning to stop on these two factions, however, these factions would be the significant factions on this map. In any case, if you are an experienced mercenary who always gets the job done, the faction would want to be friends with you, most of them at least. Different factions will open different possibilities for players bases and market that could be accessed only if the reputation with the faction is high enough.

The player makes the difference

This is topic is connected to the previous one. In our world many things aren’t working, a dam that should provide electricity, a weather control station that can tell you when it will be rainy or snowy. Player can restore those facilities to yet again obtain the global buff, this buff would benefit all of the players. For example: Reactivating the dam would take a lot of effort and resources, but if you will do this players bases would have electricity for free, you will still need generators for extra energy, but still it will save some resources. Although you could disable this facility as well, and make everyone unhappy, also the faction control would give more bonuses for players that have a good reputation with a particular faction.
Not all facilities could be controlled by factions and not all facilities could work without factions, so the war for control will be ongoing always. And as the map grows, more points of interest to control would be present. Cooperating with other players will allow You to change the LR world, and perhaps someday it would rebuild…

Thanks for staying with us, we wish you a great weekend. Cya next week! 🙂