Weekly News #146

Sep 23, 2022

New level is coming

We are working on a big level, to be exact it would be a scope of levels with a highly detailed level design. Our 3D designers are working on the meshes right now and there is a list of more than 200 meshes that need to be created before we can construct the level. Our level designers are already gray boxing the level so work is ongoing from all fronts, also our programmers are preparing something new, so the looting on this huge level will be much more interesting.
Of course, we are not forgetting about old levels, they will also be revisited and remastered with the implementation of new features that we are preparing for them. The whole will be completely different once we are finished.

New effect

We are working to increase the effect in-game. The first one will be the bleeding effect that can be applied by receiving any injury, it has a slight chance to be applied, and we will test it so that would not be too annoying. You can either suffer from bleeding for some time and hope that no one will shoot you or bite you while the bleeding effect is present, or heal it using bandages or any med kit.
With the ability system, we are able to increase the number of effects and more important make it quick and balanced at the same time.
We are also planning to add more effect that is connected to character condition, so if you are watching what you eat and rest you will find that you are capable of much more than if are starving, but don’t eat too much, it would be pretty hard to run with all that weight in your stomach.

Another week has passed, and as always we wish you a great weekend! Cya guys next week! 🙂