Weekly News #145

Sep 16, 2022

Hacking mini-game

The hacking game will be a way to open the door or get some information from a computer without knowing the passcode. The mini-game itself will be matrix-like. There will be a code that you’ll need to replicate using a matrix. Of course, you need to be careful with the things you are hacking, while the security door will simply continue to be locked, the security system may have countermeasures, so sometimes would be better to look for security code rather than hacking.
We are also working on lockpicking feature, they will be very different, lockpicking will be focused on Your ability to control your mouse, while hacking will mostly test your attention skill. Either way, we want to give several ways to complete looting goals, would be it lockpicking, hacking, or brood force it is up to the player to decide. Both of these skills (lockpicking and hacking) can be leveled up as a skill, so the time wasted on hacking and lockpicking will not go to waste.


We are starting to implement temperature parameters in the game. Not just a static parameter that changes from time to time, but as a completely new feature. There will be the global temperature for the current world map, and modification volumes, so if you are in caves the temperature could be slightly higher, if you are scavenging in the working dam temperature there may be much higher than outside. The temperature will also have minor effects on players’ characters. For example, if you are cold it would be much harder to aim with a gun, if you are suffering from high temperatures You will need to drink more, and not be able to run as fast and as long as in normal circumstances.
Thanks to this new system, some areas might be difficult to loot due to the temperature threshold, and you might want to look for suitable gear, or at least pack supplies for the campfire. Also, beware of cold, it is hard to hide when a character is sneezing and coughing.

Another week has passed, and as always we wish you a great weekend! Cya guys next week! 🙂