Weekly News #144

Sep 9, 2022

Weekly news everyone!

Big Roads Update #2

Just a quick update on how we are doing. There are new details to the roads and streets, such as speed bumps, trash cans, street lights, and all these small details. Work is still ongoing and once we have all the details we need, we will show a new location with these new meshes. Note, that it is not just small details for level, everything we do has a purpose. Simply speaking trash cans can be looted, and speed bumps, well you know what speed bumps are for 😉

Meta-Human Transition

We are getting to the part of a new character editor, and right now we are implementing metahuman to our game, which will allow us to create unique characters and more important high-quality characters. For now, we are implementing the skeletal mesh of metahuman so that we can adjust animations, clothing, and gear weapons to the new character. After this part is done we will start to integrate the character builder.
We need metahuman not just for its quality but also for sort of randomization, you may notice that in the latest news we’ve started to write merc, not players characters because we are making a whole new system that will allow you to have several mercs available for you to play or to send them to do some work for you. Of course, they are expendable and they are not immortal, so if you liked some of them, don’t send them to the raid or mission unprepared.

This week was very intense, not just in development but also because our Ukrainian soldiers managed to return 1K square kilometers of our land. So we are in a great mood and can happily continue to work! 🙂
We wish you a great weekend and cya guys next week! 🙂