Weekly News #143

Sep 2, 2022

The week has passed and weekly arrives.

Big Roads

Lost Region becomes more and more complex, and since the world map becomes bigger it will not look like countryside far from civilization, even though civilization is kind of dying. We want to make locations more realistic, so there will be a highway, which can be used for multiple purposes, but one of the main things is if you are moving closer or through the highway you will reach the point of interest. Highways will be used to connect all of the locations, so even if you are lost, just find the highway. The work is in progress, we’ve finished the map scheme, and our 3D designers already working on the content for the highways, including roads, streetlights traffic lights, etc.
Of course, highways to be most efficient will need transport, we are planning to get to the transport once the map is big enough so there will be a use case for the vehicles. Transport is something we are looking forward to working with, it will bring much more content to the game and open new ways of using certain resources.

Raid Planner

Something that we wanted to make better in terms of quality of life, the raid planner will allow you to actually plan what you want to get from the raid, it will work like a self-organized quest (which if you fail will not give you any penalties of course). You will be able to choose what items you want to get, and the amount, and upon completion, you will be notified. The raid planner can be always modified, so don’t worry about being stuck with 5/6 bottles of water line in your HUD.
Quality of life is an important aspect of the game, so we want to make every game mechanic more convenient. Of course for hardcore players there will be, an option to turn off all the helping tools, we do adore hardcore players. Also, we are working on the base UI, where you will be able to get missions from factions, choose locations where to go, and of course stash your goods.

Yet again we thank you for staying with us. And wish you guys awesome weekends!