Weekly News #142

Aug 26, 2022

Welcome to another weekly round!

Small Details

At this time we are working on small details on levels. For example, a fire extinguisher can be used classically, just shoot at it and deal some damage all around it and ruin your and enemies’ vision. Or, you can pick it up and use it as an improvised weapon, get rid of fire, or place it somewhere and use option one.
In short, we are working on new small details that can be used during scavenge operations. Dangerous explosives, toxic gas, an ordinary fire extinguisher, and a lot more will be placed around the world for You to use.
We are not just talking about explosives or gas tanks, we are talking about many little details, for example, the written down passwords from the security terminal that you saw in the other room. Of course, you would be able to brood force or hack the terminal if your character is applicable, but this small detail will allow us to provide you with several ways to achieve your goals.

New Parameter Energy

Energy is a parameter that will show you how tired is your current merc. You will still be able to run around scavenge and complete quests, but your efficiency will be slightly lower, or much lower if you will not rest for 3 days in a row. There will be more dependencies on energy later, it will bring more of a tactical view before long raids. All of the parameters, satiety, energy, hydration, health, and stamina will regenerate on the player’s base if this base can offer such service.
We are also almost finished with the ability system, after which we would be able to create diseases that would slow the player down and effects that would allow increasing players’ efficiency, and of course, it all will influence the current parameters, so remember good sleep healthy body 😉

Ok, that was a short one, but very progressive! We will continue to update you on our progress. Cya guys next week!