Weekly News #141

Aug 19, 2022

Hello guys and welcome to another weekly news round!

Base update status. Greenhouse LVL 3

Here is another sneak peek of the player’s base. As you might remember greenhouse allows you to fix the issue with food, greenhouse level 3 is not only much better in a production sense, but it will also allow you to grow specific herbs and plants, some of which can be used in medicine or other drug related things. An upgraded greenhouse will also demand electricity, so be sure to close that question first. The greenhouse upkeep is limited, so you will need to choose and with that, the planner will be handy, we will share more details about the planner and base management of future weekly reports.
More about the base, we hope You got the idea of how the base will be working. Rach major building will have a level, each level boosts the building performance and opens new opportunities to use this building. So your gameplay on the world map and base building will be in pair, you’ll need resources to upgrade your base and an upgraded base opens new gameplay features. And as plus customization that will make your base special, a place where you can play guitar with your buddies planning the next raid.

Update. Knocked out condition

We want to boost the group gameplay and knocked out is one of the things we are implementing to make group gameplay more interesting. As a common role for the knocked-out condition your ally can help you, strangers also will be able to help even your enemies, if they want something from you that they can’t actually take from your corpse, will be able to help you. Knocked out the condition will not allow you to operate normally, you will be able to crawl and scream for help, new NPCs that we are working on too may help you as well. We also wanted to bring more options to survive, because of losing your merc. will be painful, especially for skilled ones. So by all means keep them safe.

Thank you for staying with us. CYA guys next week!