Weekly News #140

Aug 12, 2022

Can you hear? Weekly news is here!

Let there be connection

The lost region is advancing in all possible ways, and also in ways of technology. We’ve decided to expand the technology pool, previously it was something like the 60s – 70s, and we’ve moved forward the timeline to use advanced gadgets such as mobile cell networks. It will be easy the creation of a quest system because you will be able to know where and when certain quests appear, to complete the quests you’ll need to visit the NPC quest giver. Also, it will allow us to show the player faction conflicts and the status of the conflict in real-time which will also increase the player’s involvement. Overall it will be still a game where you need to survive, and with technology, the level of threat will be higher too.
We are planning to add not only a cell phone network but also the internet, the cell phone will be a very big feature, that will allow you not only just to take quests and see how things going in the region. It will be a tool that can be used as a time killer, play some games on it, and the map will be also on the cell phone. However as you remember the world isn’t really whole because of the disaster, so cell phones will help you navigate in some areas, but in others, you will need to use an actual map.

Modernize the map

And it also brings us to the point, that some things need to be modernized, small things like cars, buildings, and roads, and more significant things like electronics, and according to this, we need to modernize the map. We’ve received feedback from the players that some players could walk straight for about 10-15 minutes and did not catch any point of interest, so it is another thing we are working on. Of course, more points of interest mean more loot, so we need to balance it as well. More juicy loot needs to be placed in places that are more difficult to find and most likely it will be guarded, most likely by those who don’t want you to take their loot.
The map modernization will take some time, but the amount of content and point of interest is totally worth it. We are planning to expand the LR map more and create sub-zones that players can visit in order to obtain more rare loot. But aware that rare-loot most likely will be contested.

Yet another week past, thank You all for staying with us. And see you guys next week!