Weekly News #139

Aug 5, 2022

Hello and welcome to the weekly news!

Advanced home

Last week we’ve been showing you a greenhouse, and today we are showing you another green hose. That is to show that you will be able to upgrade your base and modernize it. It will boost the efficiency of the base building. For advanced greenhouse for example, not only it will become bigger, which on its own increases the outcome, but it will also unlock new types of plants to be planted. It will need electricity though, so before upgrading be sure to provide everything it might need.
A player base will be something where you will feel safe, and something that you will need to be able to survive more easily. Also, it will open much more possibilities than just surviving, it will allow you to craft more advanced tools and even earn money that you can spend however you want. Boost your base more, buy equipment for your mercenaries, or be more speculative and make more money with current money. As you can see there will be a lot of things you could do with your base.

Ability system

The unreal engine has a very useful tool, the ability system. This week we were working on moving all aspects of the game to this system, it will allow us to be able enable, disable, boost, debuff players possibilities. For instance if your merc is well fed and happy, he will have HP regen, of course it is not that efficient as simply heal yourself with med kit, but it will allow to save some of the med kit percentage. Overall the ability system will allow us to reward player for keeping his mercs in good condition and boost them because ability system will be a part of leveling system. Which is another teaser leveling system!
Also the ability system ease a lot of things that we want to be able to control, which by it’s own will boost the development of the game. So it is win win win! The most important part is leveling system, we are planning to make it complex but easy to understand as teaser we can say that leveling system will be skill as you go, so if you are shooting using only sniper rifle, you can get very good with it, not only as a player but as mercenary as well.

It has been a busy week and next week is waiting for us. Have a great weekend folks!