Weekly News #138

Jul 29, 2022

W. What? Correct, weekly.

Survive and create a home

We’ve been working on new elements of the world and on new elements for the player’s base as you know human needs 3 things to survive. Food, water, and medicine, with greenhouse players will be able to obtain food without the need to go out and loot it. Of course, you still need water for the plants and electricity for the upgraded green hose (we will show the upgraded version in future updates). The greenhouse will provide not only food but herbs that you will be able to use as medicine, for that you will need a chemical station, medicine is very rare in a world where there is no production, so you might want to make a profit from it because the medicine will be very expensive.
Moreover, we are planning to make the base more automated, so that players would need to set some things and enjoy life. In order to upgrade your base, you will still need to be proactive and go out for new electric parts and blueprints, but the base will survive without your direct control for a decent time. We will share more information in the upcoming weekly news and hope you enjoy what you see.


Another asset and another feature for the base, as you now see the base will be something precious and you don’t want someone to still something from you. For this reason, you will have an alarm system with loudspeakers, they will not only be used to create alarming sounds when there is something wrong but also as a notification system not only for the player’s base but for hubs as well. You might want to listen to them carefully, you might not want to miss the notification, who knows when the next air raid would comeā€¦
We also want to make it more interactable so that players could pronounce their needs on the hubs, and all around would know what this particular player wants. It is still WIP but we are on the right track!

That’s all for today, hope you all have a great time on this weekend. Cheers!