Weekly News #137

Jul 22, 2022

Friday! Weekend! And weekly news!

Compass and UI

Today we want to share a little information about how the navigation from the player’s perspective will work. First of all, the map already has a lot of details and yet more to come to make every location unique, so remembering the location will be a much easier task.
Compass will be a tool that can be picked up, it will unlock the usage of the UI compass, so you will now see the compass UI, so it gives you a hint about how most of the UI will be working now. To unlock certain UI you will need a tool for that. So if you want to look at the map you will need to have one or draw it by yourself.
The compass was the first step in this line of work and we are planning to do more, our primary goal is to make as many tools as we can, and make them as useful it could. So next time when you see a pack of play cards doesn’t scrap it or throw it away, maybe play some card games with your friends.
Of course, there will be much more things that will depend on the inventory and the gear you carry with you. And we want to reflect the gear in new UI options and new options to reach the goal that the player wants reach.
And remember the sunset is west if you don’t have a compass. 😉

Map rework

As you may know, we were migrating from UE4 to UE5 and one of the UE5 benefits is Lumen, which allows you to get a pretty awesome view in terms of light and environment, once we saw how our game could look with UE5 we decided to rework the map. Unfortunately, it is a complex task, because the UE5 also provides a system called world partition, and to make it work we need to revisit every level and make changes.
So right now our goal is to finish the migration of the world map and once it is done we can start to work with the levels.
We are already working on the traveling between the player’s base and the global map, and we are working on the player’s base visually as well. We want to set all things together before starting the map rework. In the future, we will be sharing more screenshots with new levels and reworked old levels.

Don’t forget to have fun on the weekend and cya guys next week! 🙂