Weekly News #136

Jul 15, 2022

The week has passed, and You know what that means, another round of weekly news!


Our 3D designers continue to bring new assets to LR, and meanwhile, we can share some details regarding the new player base system. First of all, the new base will be an actual base, a safe place that you can decorate and make as comfy as you want, but other than that the base is also your main asset, in order to get better raiding options and more options you will need to invest in your base. The would-be a living center of your operations, NPCs that will be busy doing small and not really significant stuff, and your soldiers/mercenaries who are always ready for the new tasks you might have for them. Overall, bases will be something that players can call home.
In terms of construction itself, you will be able to restore the old buildings and provide them with new meaning for them. Of course, it will need some investment from the player both time and resources, but the player will be able to make base automatic in terms of consumption because you will always need gasoline for electricity and food for your buddies in your base. Also, the base would be a necessary tool for those who want to get rich not through looting and raiding but through market and action house.;)

Optimization and cleaning

This week we’ve mostly been cleaning the mess in code and we’re fixing some of the issues that came
up. Also, we’ve moved almost all of the basic character mechanics to the ability system, which will ensure the batter control over character actions and attributes. Also, it allows us to actually add a more advanced RPG system, so you will be able to level your characters and make them unique in terms of their skills and abilities.
Through this exact system will also work our system of congenital attributes, you may be lucky and born with a strong heart and great stomach, but Your character in LR isn’t that lucky at all, you will get random congenital attributes, that might be good or might be bad either way, you will need to get used to it, and search the work for the character that he actually can do.

Thank you for staying with us, and we wish You a great weekend. 🙂