Weekly News #135

Jul 8, 2022

Welcome to another round of weekly news! Today as always we will be sharing some details and there is also an important announcement.

Fuel and electricity

As you may know during the global crisis many regular things become unavailable. Fuel and electricity are two of many things we might lose because of apocalypses. This is one of the parts of the implementation of the player base. Power generators will provide electricity for players’ bases and other buildings that might have locked sealed doors, or hidden bunkers and to be able to open them you’ll need to find a way to turn on the power generators. Or perhaps repairing the dam would be a better way?
Of course, it is not just fuel and generators, the map is getting reworked, there will be more hidden places and if you want to open those you’ll need to find your way in, through brute force or using more tricky ways. Find a passcode perhaps? Either way, there will be much to explore.

Lost Region moves to F2P

Don’t worry folks, those who already bought the game will have huge bonuses worth 60$. Those who didn’t buy the game will be able to try it upon release. As you might notice that during updates more and more features are appearing in the game and it will change completely. We will share more details in further weeklies. For now, we will close the game selling and will focus to provide a new enhanced version of Lost Region quicker.

That’s all for today guys. Wish you a great weekend and cya next week. 🙂