Weekly News #134

Jul 1, 2022

Weekly news everyone!


As you know almost every aspect of the game is getting reworked and that is including the crafting system. The crafting system is getting expanded, but they’re also will be some limitations. For example, we are removing primitive items, such as stone knives, wooden sticks, etc. There will be no need for such craft, but we are also adding new items such as hand-made radio. Overall the more complex craft will be available for players and for those needs we are creating tools such as a soldering station.
We are working to provide several ways to obtain certain tools, one of them is a craft, which will require some raw materials the other way is to scavenge which will require some time and luck from players. The third way is to simply buy it, either from other players or from NPC traders, this will require players’ in-game money. The way you can obtain the money and how you can use them we will provide in further weeklies.

New meshes

Our 3D designers continue to work on new assets. The world of the Lost Region is expanding with details and it is obtaining technological items, right now we are talking about ultrasound machines. Players will be able to interact with it and its main goal will be to help you heal, it is not essential for your survival, but it will be definitely helpful to keep your characters alive. That is just a start, we are working to increase the useful and interesting tools for players to use. As a result, we are making LR more technologically advanced, but you will need to spend some time to be able to use those tools.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weekly round, the LR world is becoming more detailed not just every week but every day! Cya guys next week.