Weekly News #133

Jun 26, 2022

Weekly news everyone!

Mini-games update

We are finishing the checkers mini-game, next week we will run some tests to ensure both the technical part and UX are in order. You will be able to play against AI by choosing between several difficulties presets, and play within the squad A.K.A play with your friends. or create an open lobby so everyone can join. In the future, we will also add a tournament feature for mini-games.
We are planning to add much more mini-games so there will always be something to do, and this something must be fun. Of course, the mini-games will also be something that players can use to get resources, money, or even weapon. We will update you on this matter in future weeklies.

Update on character leveling

As we told You before we are working on expanding the character leveling system and bringing new tools to do so. To level dexterity, you can use the reaction tool. It will be a simple mini-game that can be a time killer for some players, but instead of just time killing you will also increase your character reaction and dexterity. Overall it will bring a new experience to the FPS game.
The stats will be also used in another part of the game, that we can’t disclose just yet. But these would be essential for the upcoming game mode. And remember keep your character safe, it would be a shame to lose the character after an hour of working out. 😉

That’s all for this week, we will continue our work and will report to You guys next week! 🙂