Weekly News #132

Jun 17, 2022

What’s up, folks? Another weekly news!

Expending the healthcare… For weapons

We are continuing to work on weapon improvements, and in the future, we will make weapons rarer, more awesome, and more desirable. And if you want to be an alpha shooter, you will need to take care of your weapon. For this, we are adding repair tools for the weapon and changing the system how the weapon works when it is repaired, or broken.
We are also working on the clothes how will they behave if your clothes are almost teared apart. So to sum up, take care of your gear and the gear will take care of you. Basically, before going anywhere you will need to prepare as much as you can, and be very careful to not lose all the progress.

Broken weapon

Another thing we wanted to share is how the weapon will work when it is not in good shape. Now the system will trace the weapon’s condition and the weapon will behave itself accordingly. For example, if the weapon has 25% of its original durability it has 5% to be jammed. So be sure to take care of your weapon, in some cases it can save your life.
The system is new and we are working to improve it even further, melee weapon will also have its flaws if it is almost broken. Have you ever thought that a broken knife can deal much more damage because part of the broken knife is stuck in the enemy? Well if that was your original goal then well done, if not you’ve just lost a weapon.

Have a great weekend guys, and cya next week! 🙂