Weekly News #131

Jun 10, 2022

Weekly news! Let’s get started.

Run forest!

We are continuing to expand the character work-out feature. The treadmill will allow players to prepare for both long and short-run raids. Of course, the sports gear isn’t cheap, and some work needs to be done to obtain it, but it will significantly increase the overall survivability of the character. As they say, do not run from a sniper you will die tired, but with certain preparations chances could be increased.
In the future, we are planning to expand the character leveling system even more, so that every character and every player will be unique in a certain way, and it will increase the value of characters. We are expanding the character system and making it very RPG-like, which will grant new ways to build your dream character.


As always we never forget about optimization. A lot of new mechanics and features are getting added to the game so we need to make some refactoring here and there. Fortunately, the UE 5 allows us to actually optimize a lot of things, starting from streaming issues and finishing the overall functionality execution. After migrating to UE 5 the average FPS rate increased by 10 FPS, we are working to improve this parameter even more.
The optimization will take a lot of time since we need to revisit a lot of core features almost after each mechanics update, but yet again with UE 5 a lot of the work actually became much more pleasant. Thanks to Nanite, World Partition, and many other great things that UE 5 has to offer. And also, it looks beautiful thanks to the Lumen in UE5.

Have a great weekend guys, and cya next week! 🙂