Weekly News #130

Jun 3, 2022

Hello everyone, hope you are doing great. Let’s get to the weekly news.
Today will be 3 topics and all of them are coming with the assets

Jim gear and traits

As we mentioned before we are implementing the trait system, and as a complex, we are also working on the ways to level up your traits. For example, strength can be leveled using a dumbbell, endurance can be skilled using a treadmill, and so on. Overall, we are working to make characters more valuable and provide more means to survive, so in composition, the loss of a character will be more painful, but there will be more ways to keep him safe.
In the future all characters will be unique in their own way, we are also planning to work on a new character editor. So you will be able to make a unique character in visual physical and in terms of your skill build. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but we are approaching a good working pace.

Mini-games progress

We are doing quite well with the mini-games, and while our focus would be something competitive like darts or checkers, we will also add something slow that can help you to kill time while you are waiting for something or someone. So we are adding Rubik’s Cube, it will be a simple game that you can return to any time. Of course, you would need to physically own the game to be able to play it.
We are planning to add an option to bet and compete in these games, so they will have not only a time killer role but also something that you can use to socialize with other payers.

Healthcare and medical equipment

There will be new ways to keep your character safe and sound, new medical equipment brings new ways to get rid of something that bothering You and your character for some time or help even save your character’s life. The work is in progress, but in the future, we will have a fully compatible and working medical that can and must be used to keep Your character safe.
As you maybe noticed that with each round of weekly news the character starting to be more complex, we want to make players care not only for the loot and guns that they’ve found, but also care about the character. We are working to increase the character usage through leveling and skill builds, and to increase the scare of losing. Of course, we will work on additional ways to save the character and make it as easy as it can be in terms of balance. We will continue to share our progress through the next rounds of weekly news.

Have a great weekend guys, and cya next week! 🙂