Weekly News #129

May 27, 2022


This is 2 in 1 information. Our 3D designers are working right now on the sports gear, that you can use to work out with your character. The new assets will be used as additional detail to the world, and also as a tool, that you can use to increase your character capabilities.
You will be able to train your character and improve him as any person can do IRL, we will show more details in the future, and right now we are working on a basic implementation and dependencies walkthrough.


And another 2 in 1 information. We are working on the improvement of the character vitals, and also working on the ways that you can treat different injuries. New assets are providing some idea of it, but to make it clear, characters will be more valuable in the upcoming update, so it would be a bad idea to just simply power game and try to rush somewhere.
As you may know that not only do bullets kill, there are many dangerous things, for example, COVID. I think you got the hint, we are expanding the overall health system in the game, in the upcoming update there will be many ways to both gain and lose character vitals. The vitals system is also under work right now, we are working on improvements in UX with thirst and hunger parameters and also are working to make them more realistic. More information will be provided later.