Weekly News #128

May 20, 2022

New assets

This week there was a lot of progression with assets, as we informed You before we’ve hired 2 new 3D artists one of them was working with mini-games interaction and the other was working with environmental stuff. And now we have 2 mini-games, checkers and darts, and some more assets for the environment.
We are also starting to rework the world landscape as well, we will share our progress with You next week. Nature is beautiful, and now it is simply magnificent. But worry that admiring nature could lead to death from an unseen enemy. Also thanks to UE5 the optimization becomes less of a pain so we are not losing FPS, a win-win condition.


As we’ve mentioned we are adding a mini-games feature to the game, right now we are working on the code side of the feature, we are planning to make your safe house not just safe and fun as well, where you can play games with some batting technology so you will be able to earn more loot with totally legitimate batting system, since there is nobody to control it anyways. We will share our progress in a couple of weeks.
We are also planning to provide in-game tournaments so that players can compete for the first place in a leaders board, and earn even more. It will also bring another way to survive in the LR world, with more of a sitting way. There will be many more mini-games in the feature including card games, we will share our progress with You in upcoming weeklies.