Weekly News #127

May 13, 2022

Weapon stand

We are starting to work on players’ bases, which would be customizable and we wanted to start with players’ weaponry. If you have a separate AK or SCAR or VAL you would be able to place it in your base to demonstrate your weapon collection and to be able to grab it quickly. We will expend this sort of customization, so there will be much more possibilities to combine the interior and your inventory.
As some of you already know, we are working on expanding the players’ bases to a new level, not only making it a safe house but also adding a sort of town management aspect to the game. Interior will be a large part of this gameplay.
The overall plan is to add:
1. Recourses consumption so that everything can be used for the base
2. NPCs’ that will either work or guard your territory,
3. The option to participate in the global trade system, so You will be able to make your base as a specific trade HUB.

Weapon can be broken

And now to the gameplay feature, we are obtaining more and more firearms in LR, and since there are many types of weapons we are adding a feature for them to brake. Also, founded weapons maybe already be broken for a certain percentage, so repairing is now will be a part of gameplay. Moreover, we are working right now on the option of jamming the broken weapon, which also will increase the need to take care of your firearms. Of course, there will be an option to craft repair tools and use something that can be found in the world to repair the weapon at least slightly.
That is just a small part of a new weapon system, in the future we will integrate it into the level and skill system.
We are also continuing to remaster the current firearms and create new ones, in the future we will add the visual effect of the broken, fixed, and barely used weapon.

Have a great weekend guys, and cya next week! 🙂