Weekly News #126

May 6, 2022

New assets

As always we are sharing some small things that will take place in our game. Nothing huge, but some details that form the world and immersion. And yes, as always it is a cliffhanger. We are planning to add more small details that will also expand the Lore of the game.
The plans are:
1) Increase the amount of small assets
2) Add lore objects, such as posters and other assets that will show the overall direction of the Lost Region lore.
3) Add more details to different factions, to show their differences.

Farom Studio grows bigger

We are increasing our development team and recently we’ve employed two more 3d Artists to increase the content making, we’ve already increased the number of the team from 10 people to 24 and You can imagine that the development speed will increase by 140% which is great. we are also of course increasing our C++ programmer capacity to stay on track.
We are also right now hiring new 2D artists, so if you have the experience and you want to participate don’t hesitate to write.

Have a great weekend guys, hope to see You all next week! 🙂