Weekly News #125

Apr 29, 2022

Forest Raven

We keep expanding the gun variation, now we’ve switched to pistols, and decided to create the powerful and beautiful one. This pistol unlike other pistols in our game is very demanding in terms of skill, you’ll need to deal with a big recoil of the gun. Of course, there will be weapon modules that will allow reducing the downsides of the Forest Raven. It is one of the new guns that we implemented, and more are coming.
We will also come back to the remaster of the old guns, so upon the release, there will be a lot of new guns and remastered old ones. The goal is to make it possible to find your favorite gun and stick with it while it is comfortable for you, we will make a huge variation to make sure it is possible.

Perks and Level

While adding new guns, we also started to implement a skill system, we will share more details in the next weeklies, but we wanted to share some of the concepts. The skill system will be “skill as you go”, meaning while you are shooting using pistols you will level up your pistol skill. It will open certain perks to decide what kind of shooter you are.
We are also implementing the “favorite gun” feature, meaning that you will be able to master a particular gun, it will give you some bonuses. Overall we want to make guns not just tools but your friends, to which you will become accustomed. Customization is another thing we are working on, but right now we are not ready to share details.