Weekly News #124

Apr 22, 2022

Material rework

We’ve been working this week on the material rework. Since we’ve moved to the UE (Unreal Engine) 5 we wanted to utilize its full potential. And we must say the result is very satisfying. The world will be full of small detailed stuff which will grant a very beautiful picture. 

We are also working on the illumination of the world, as you can see in the picture the lights are now much more natural, the work is still in progress and we will continue to share the progress with You. 

New Employees

Our team is growing more and more. We hired another C++ program and another 3D artist to boost the development process. They will be working on the new major feature, we don’t want to post spoilers, but here is a hint. With this feature players will be able to influence the world they are playing in. And moreover, the world will respond to their actions. 

Also, we are in process of employing art artists, which means that we will have many posters and other lore objects. It will increase immersion in the world.