Weekly News #123

Apr 15, 2022

Presenting you a universal tool. Shotgun with various modifications

As we stated shotgun will be a multitool for players. It allows you to do basically anything, of course in order to obtain full power of this particular shotgun you need to make some adjustments.

So what do we have:

1. Basic shotgun – allows to shoot and open various lockers and doors.

2. Shotgun with a flashlight – keeps the previous functionality and can brighten your way through dark places

3. Shotgun with a knife – adding melee attack to the shotgun, which is useful when we are talking about a one-shot gun. In addition, it allows obtaining meat from animals.

4. Shotgun with the ax – This allows you to effectively fight in melee, and also allows cutting wood. 

Note that aside from other guns this adjustment is handmade and will not use the module system as other guns, as we stated we wanted to make this weapon more like a tool, and for it, we wanted to get rid of continuous module switching, so you’ll need to go through craft in order to upgrade the shotgun. And if you want to make changes craft will be necessary, and if we are talking about knife and flashlight it could be done infield, but as for axe you’ll need a workbench to make this upgrade. 

We will be looking at the outcome and make changes to the balance accordingly, perhaps even implementing various upgrades.  

Knifes, ax and flashlight

This shotgun also brought us additional tools, some of them (for example ax) already being a part of the game. Other, flashlights, knives haven’t been presented yet, until this time.  This tool can be used separately aside from the shotgun. We’ve been receiving reports that nights in Lost Region can be very dark and scary, and the torch isn’t giving enough of the light, now you have the alternative.

Thank you for reading our weekly, and cya guys next week. Have a great weekend!