Weekly News #122

Apr 8, 2022

Weekly news, safe and sound.

Shotgun progress

We’ve finished with the core of the shotgun, the shotgun itself, but it isn’t finished yet. We are planning to add some survival aspects to the single-shot shotgun. It may be not the best weapon in terms of fire rate and accuracy but will be definitely one of the most useful weapons. It will allow you to hunt, shoot, break locks, deal with enemies, cut wood. You want to know how? Basically you will be able to make this humble little shotgun to meet your needs. Perhaps you want to have axe on it? Or knife? Or flashlight? We are finalizing the work and will share the details very soon.

Unreal Engine 5 release version

That is actually very great news, we’ve already tested some features and we must say open-world games with UE5 now will be much more stable and easy to make. There are a lot of upgrades to the streaming and ability system. Of course, there are several things we need to handle in order to make it work, manage some plugins etc. But we are very pleased with what we get. 

For example world portion allows us to make truly huge levels with a lot of details without making your PC explode, and if that is not enough a lot of upgrades took place to shooter mechanics, ability system. So there will be a lot of improvements. That’s definitely not all of the upgrades, we will share details with the development progress. 

That’s about it. Next week we will share more details. Will cya guys next week.