Weekly News #121

Apr 1, 2022

Shotgun progress

We are working on a new weapon, which will be very multi-functional, it will allow you to break the locks, shoot your foe, strike them with a powerful melee attack and light your way through the darkness. As we stated before we want to make this shotgun more like a tool. Since the player has a limited item grid, we decided to make a small shotgun that can be carried to obtain even more loot. Of course, you will be able to scavenge even without it, but life will be much brighter with the shotgun. 

New Items

With the upcoming shotgun, we are working on the flashlight, so now not only torches will light your way. Knives can be used as a melee weapon and tool and an additional one-handed. These all items can be used to upgrade the upcoming shotgun. We are using a module system in the weapon modification screen, however as we mentioned the shotgun will be used as a tool, so the upgrade of the shotgun will be made through the crafting menu. We will share a screenshot next week, and we must say that it will be pretty post-apocalyptical.

That is all for this week. It was a short update but don’t worry next week there will be content to share with You. 🙂