Weekly News #120

Mar 25, 2022

Weapon overhaul: SCAR finished

As we told You before we were finishing the SCAR overhaul and now it is good as ever. Be sure to check the new SCAR on our site. The new weapon we will be working on is the classic one, the double-barrel shotgun. We want to be sure that this gun won’t be the junk one, so we will implement many upgrades for it.  

Shotguns are always peace of work because in real life it is basically an ultimate weapon in close quarters and very deadly in a middle distance. In games, though shotguns are always narrowed only to a short distance because otherwise, it will be very OP. We are planning to add to shotgun not only the option to kill but also an option to open closed doors. This feature will expand the usage of the shotguns, to not only kill but scavenge as well. 

New Employees

Even in these harsh times, we are expanding our staff. We’ve employed another 3D artist and C++ coder. They will be working on Lost Region and we hope for beneficial cooperation. They will start their work next week. 

We are planning to expand our staff, even more, however, there are some difficulties during the war. But where some see barriers we see opportunities.